Our Story

Growing up in the city of Benevento, 25 miles outside of Naples, Italy, the Marino Brothers gathered around the table each Sunday for a family meal. Their grandmother would prepare various dishes with the local fare, including meats from their grandfather’s butcher shop, where the brothers learned firsthand what it took to make a quality meat. The meal was about more than satiating hunger though; it was about enjoying an experience together, and it became a part of their being.

After moving to the United States in the 1980’s, the Marino Brothers’ entrepreneurial spirit led them to open the first of many businesses in the Bourse in Philadelphia, a popular destination for tourists looking to learn American history. Over the years, they met countless people who wanted to try the taste of the city: the original Philly cheesesteak. With fond memories of their Italian upbringing in mind, they decided to share the best and make their new city proud.

Using only the highest quality, locally-sourced, farm-fresh meats and cheeses, the Marino Brothers found the way to bring back the spirit of their childhood meals. They were determined to share their passion for building an experience and their deep commitment to using quality ingredients, with some added brotherly love.

Join us at our table, and buon appetito!
— The Marino Brothers
  • Born and raised in italy
  • Locally sourced fresh ingredients
  • Food with brotherly love